How to bet on the UEFA European Championship

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How to bet on the UEFA European Championship

Have you ever gambled on a UEFA European Championship match?

What to know about UEFA European Championship

UEFA European Championship has always been a fairly evenly matched competition, where the most unexpected surprises have occurred. But this is changing. The economic power of several clubs is producing what UEFA has always fled from, the brutal inequality between teams.

Currently, there are about 8 teams that can afford to sign players that other clubs can't even dream of. And that, in the long run, seriously harms the UEFA European Championship competition, as it becomes more and more predictable, especially in the group stage and in the first knockout round.

What causes this? As it happens in local leagues, there are UEFA European Championship matches that are a candy in terms of predictions. And being a short competition, with few matches, teams tend to play at 100%, as there is no time to take a break.

This means that there are few surprises between unequal teams because the 'big' team has the same desire to
win as the 'little' team, something that sometimes does not happen in smaller competitions or in long competitions such as the domestic leagues.

All this is told so that those who are newcomers know how the current UEFA European Championship works and know what to expect when checking how there are very low odds for the favorites in many matches.

For this reason, if you want to look for higher odds, you must bet on other types of bets than the one on who will win the match.


Tips for betting on the UEFA European Championship

  • Be well informed before each match: Good forecasts will help you.
  • Compare the odds of the different bookmakers: We will also help you with our predictions.
  • In quite a few matches of the first phase you will not find good odds due to the difference in potential.
  • If you see that there are a lot of 'easy' matches, make combinations.

The best of betting on the UEFA European Championship

A betting guide should always offer both the positive and negative aspects of betting on the UEFA European Championship.

Positive aspects

  • It's soccer: Yes, it's the most popular sport in the world and, as such, you probably know it in depth. Everyone knows about it and even more the bettors, both new and old ones.
  • It's the UEFA European Championship: The best teams in the world are here. It's very easy to find information about them in case you don't know them in depth.
  • Lots of betting possibilities: Soccer in general and the UEFA European Championship are probably the sport and event with the most betting options. You can bet on practically everything on any match at most bookmakers.
  • The worst thing about betting on the UEFA European Championship It's soccer and, therefore, there are three possible outcomes: even in the play-offs, you can bet on one of the two teams winning and a draw during the 90 minutes. Extra time does not count. This makes it more complicated than other sports.
  • The home field factor is still important: Less and less, but it is true that, compared to other sports, whoever plays at home still has the advantage and, therefore, not only the internal factors of the game must be considered, but also the external ones (field, weather conditions, local fans, etc...).
  • Low-scoring sport: There are usually few goals in the matches and, therefore, surprises are usually closer than in other sports where high scores allow the best to win more often than in soccer. And even more so in close games such as the Champions League knockout matches.
  • More surprises: All this makes for more surprises and, therefore, a very unpredictable sport.

UEFA European Championship betting tips

UEFA European Championship is a special competition in many ways. It is the tournament where the best teams in the world compete. In fact, no team competing in any other tournament could possibly qualify for the round of 16 of the competition.

There is a high level. And that obviously affects the betting and how you bet. Yes, there are certainly other similar competitions, in terms of the level of the competitors. Not in soccer, but in other sports, such as the NBA or Formula 1. But these sports are not soccer.

Therefore, there is no similar competition in the world. This is the first thing that makes it special. The second is its format. New bettors should know that there is a first initial phase with 8 groups of 4 teams each and six rounds.

Therefore, there are 6 matches in this first phase for each team. In this first phase, two teams advance to the Round of 16, the two best qualified teams, which are usually the best teams. Why? Because in most cases there are two highly favored teams and two teams with a lower level.

This is not always the case, obviously, but it should be considered when betting on who will advance to the next round, a very popular bet and one that is usually feasible to accept in certain groups.

UEFA European Championship favorite teams: better to bet at first

Why is it better to bet before the competition starts? Well, because the odds are higher, since there are more teams involved and because the difficulty of getting it right is practically the same as when the knockout rounds begin.

The reason for this apparent inconsistency between the odds and their difficulty is that, as we said before, most of the favorites move on to the next round, so even though the odds are lower because there are fewer competitors, there will be no change when it comes to guessing the champion.

The favorites are almost always the same and it doesn't matter how they get there. In the key moments, they usually give everything they have. The favorites for the Champions League are:

  • Manchester City: Pep Guardiola's team is the main candidate to win the Champions League this year. Reasons to bet on them? They have a very good squad, they have dominated the Premier League the last two years and they have probably the best coach in the world. Reasons not to? Their best result has been the semifinals of the 15/16 season in which they lost to Real Madrid when they were still coached by Pellegrini.
  • FC Barcelona: The second favorite is the Blaugrana, who will want to make up for their eliminations in Rome and Liverpool with comebacks. Points in their favor? They have a forward line formed by Griezmann, Messi and Suarez... And therefore, they have Messi. Points against? It does not seem that their coach is capable of winning the competition after two consecutive failures.
  • Liverpool FC: The reigning European champions are also among the favorites, as it could not be otherwise. In favor? They keep the same team and the same coach who swept the board last year. A real goal-scoring machine. Against? Practically nobody repeats the title. In fact, only Real Madrid has won it in the Champions League era.


  • PSG: The eternal contender, the nouveau riche that wants to finally win the Champions League. Their strengths are their star players, surrounded this year with good midfielders able to go further in the game and be more solid. Their weaknesses are the same as City's. Little experience in the last rounds and continuous failures.
  • Juventus: The multiple Italian champion was reinforced last year with the best player in the history of the competition, Cristiano Ronaldo. But they were eliminated in the quarterfinals by Ajax. This year they have strengthened their squad and changed coach to go further. Juventus' main problem? The incredible competition at the moment. It won't be easy for them.
  • Bayern: A classic of the Champions League, a team that is always in the final rounds but perhaps has lacked some quality in the important moments. Almost always in the semifinals and that, therefore, wins in experience to practically all. This is its great point. The weak point is that it is below the rest of the contenders in terms of squad quality.
  • Real Madrid: The club with the most Champions League titles in its trophy cabinet is always one of the favorites no matter who they are. It has won 4 of the last 6 editions and, therefore, cannot be ruled out. It is so far down because it does not seem to be able to challenge for the title after an unattractive start. This is the negative part. The positive part is that it is Real Madrid and it is coached by Zidane, who has won all three Champions League they have played.
  • Atlético de Madrid: The last of the big favorites. Cholo Simeone's team knows how to play in the knockout rounds and in fact has reached 2 finals in the last 6 years. Their strength lies in the solid team they have built and now have a budding star like Joao Felix who can mutate into a superstar. Their weakness is that their squad is still a bit far from the big teams.

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