How to bet on the UEFA European Cup

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How to bet on the UEFA European Cup

Betting recommendations for betting on the UEFA European Cup


How can I bet on the UEFA European Cup?

UEFA European ChampionshipFIFA World Cup and other major soccer events are ideal to bet and earn some money through betting. Even UEFA European Cup 2021 is over, you can start getting ready for the next tournament scheduled for 2024, can’t you?

One of the great attractions of betting on the UEFA European Cup is the great variety of options available.

There are many types of soccer betting, so that each player can design his strategies according to the soccer he knows best and apply this knowledge according to multiple variables. Not only can we bet on final results, but also on scores, goals, yellow cards and many more.

How can you bet on the UEFA European Cup?

There are many types of soccer betting and knowing them in depth will allow us to develop the best betting strategies.

And if that were not enough, we do not have to wait until the match is over to settle our bets. We can also bet on certain situations occurring during the first or second half of the match. We can even set our strategies live, while the match is in progress. In this way, an experienced player can take full advantage of his mastery of the event on which he is betting.

For all these reasons, it is essential to know all the different types of soccer betting that exist. Being fluent in this environment will allow you to specialize and improve your results.

Final result bets when betting on the UEFA European Cup

These are the most common bets, the ones that most bettors know and execute. As the name suggests, they refer to how a match ends. They are usually 1X2 for soccer, i.e. home win, draw, or away win.

The bookies usually offer, in addition, for soccer, bets that include two of the three possible finishes (1X, X2, 12). These bets are called double chance bets and allow very interesting hedging strategies when making sure bets, arbitrages, and to close soccer trading positions.

In this type of bets, we can include those that are formulated on a specific final score, which are remarkably interesting when making strategies with live bets.

Bets on UEFA European Cup statistics

Yellow cards and sending offs, corners taken,  these alternative elements are a great opportunity for specialization. Secondary markets - as they are usually called - help us to bet on predictable situations in the evolution of a match.

A result may be difficult to predict, while some dynamics can be foreseen by a good expert.

For example, after checking the line-ups, it is possible to foresee the tactics that the coaches will use on the field. If you know the teams in detail, you can sense whether the match will be a knock-down, drag-out clash, with both teams focused on winning.

Or, if the coaches have decided to plant the bus in front of the goals and wait for a slip-up from the opponent that could turn the scoreboard. Perhaps in neither of the two cases can you have clear arguments that incline you to think if this or that team will win, but these things will happen.

Soccer corner when betting on the UEFA European Cup

Betting on match statistics such as soccer corners or yellow cards allows high specialization to the tipster.

In a match of tactical play and a midfield, a set piece or a defender's mistake can mean a goal that decides the match.

To guess the winner may be a matter of chance, but to assume that in a match like this there will be few corners or that if the match is a great rivalry there will be many yellow cards, it may be a reasonable deduction.

In the Barça-Madrid matches of the Guardiola and Mourinho era, we did not know who would win the game, but we could be almost certain that there would be someone sent off.

Similar reasoning can be made for many other soccer. And it is often in these secondary markets where the greatest opportunities to make money are found. Markets where many bettors participate have the advantage of being very liquid and with extremely competitive odds.

There, the margins of the bookmakers are reduced in our favor. Unfortunately, these bets are often professionally researched and the probability implicit in the odds is very accurately adjusted to the real odds.

However, in the secondary markets the statistics of big numbers and matches are often too vague. That is where a good forecaster can find value more easily. If he knows the game in depth, of course, and can identify profitable anomalies in the value of the odds.

Handicap bets when watching the UEFA European Cup

A handicap is a type of bet in which we place a certain difficulty on a certain result. In fact, in handicaps, the most common is that we assume that one of the contenders starts the match losing by one or more goals.

We will win the bet if the team we have bet on finally wins by more than the goals or points of the handicap we have established.

There are two basic types of handicaps -European and Asian-, and within each of them there are many modalities. They offer a great variety of alternatives and strategies, and their own naming system. As it is a complex subject, you can learn more about handicap betting in the post linked above. There we analyze in detail the different types of handicaps and their nomenclature.


These types of bets are those in which, in order to win them, the total number of goals of the UEFA European Cup, points or any other parameter of our sporting event must be above (over) or below (under) a certain value. This type of bets is of great interest to the most experienced bettors.

European Cup

They allow us to take advantage of situations in the match beyond the final result. We may not be sure who will win the UEFA European Cup but knowing the defensive and offensive potential of each team, we may be able to know whether it will end with many or few goals. And the same happens in other sports with the points like tennis with the games played.

Among these bets we can find variants that refer to both teams at the same time, or just one. That is, if there will be many or few goals in a particular match or if one or the other opponent will score several goals above a certain value (over X goals), or it will not score them (under Y goals).

The over/under can be understood as a special type of handicap, and often values are indicated at the half point to clearly delimit the hit and miss threshold. Something like what happens in Asian handicaps.

Pre-match betting on the UEFA European Cup

As the name suggests, pre-match bets are those that we place before the start of the match. They are the best known and easiest to place, and the most recommended for those who are just starting out in the world of soccer betting.

Live betting on the UEFA European Cup

Live bets are those that are placed when the match has already started. They allow many trading strategies, and at the same time they are incredibly fun and exciting.

In short

Soccer betting allows a great variety of options when it comes to playing. With them, we can design an infinite number of strategies. This will allow us to take advantage of those situations that are easy to foresee during the matches, beyond the simple results.

Betting on the UEFA European Cup and other football events

In betting, the key to winning is to know more than your rivals. Specialization has become a necessity. So the best advice we can give you is to analyze well where you have your competitive advantage. It could be a very niche sport, such as badminton or darts.

Or a specific aspect of soccer, a mass sport par excellence. The first step is to identify that area of excellence. After that, you will no doubt find the ideal formula to settle your bets. The range of opportunities that online bookmakers offer us on the Internet is very wide. If you look hard enough, you will find your formula.

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