Tokyo 2020 Olympic games: Which sports are Olympic for the first time in its history?

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic games: Which sports are Olympic for the first time in its history?

Five sports are making their debut at the Olympic games

Which sports are new at Olympic games?

After a year marked by the pandemic ravaging the entire world, the Tokyo Olympics will finally be held from July 23 to August 8.

However, this is not the first time that Japan has faced a setback, since in 1940 the country was unable to host the event due to the Sino-Japanese conflict, a prelude to World War II.

In this edition we will see up to five unprecedented sports that had never had the pleasure of enjoying the Olympic games. With these additions, the number of sports rises to 33 while in Rio 2016 the figure was 28.

Surfing rides the wave of Tokyo Olympic games 2020

Despite being considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world, surfing will debut for the first time at Tsurigasaki Beach, located between Kujukuri and Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture.

Known as Shida Shita Point, this beach has a great prestige in East Asia since several national and international events such as the Quiksilver Open Japan or the ASP Junior World Championship are held there.

The format will be similar to that of a WSL tournament with up to 40 surfers, including 20 men and 20 women, who will compete in 30-minute heats to reach the coveted final. In addition, all participants have been chosen from the World Surfing Games 2020 qualifiers.

Sport climbing makes its peak at the Olympic games: The strength and balance of climbers will also have a place at the Tokyo Olympic games. Climbing is an emerging sport that engages millions of people every year, especially thanks to the urban climbing walls installed in different parts of the world.

There will be a total of three categories: speed, bouldering and difficulty. Speed climbing will pit two athletes against each other on a 15-meter wall, while in block climbing the athletes must climb several routes on a 4.5-meter wall in each time.

Finally, in difficulty, the climbers will try to climb as many meters as possible on a 15-meter wall before the time expires.

Olympic games

The result will come from the multiplication of points in the three disciplines. In this way, the climbers with the lowest scores will win the metals and place their respective countries at the top of the Olympic summit for the first time.

  1. Karate, new host in Japan: Japan's martial sport will make its first appearance in its own country, at the Nippon Budokan Stadium. After more than half a century of requests, the Japanese sport has succeeded in making a place for itself at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
  3. Born at the beginning of the 20th century, karate will have two modalities: kata and kumite, with different weights between karatekas. The kata, which means form, is governed under defensive movements against an opponent.
  5. This discipline is based on the way of performing the action without being able to repeat the same kata twice. The criteria followed when scoring is technique, posture, transformation movements, ideal breathing, coordination, concentration and appropriateness.
  7. On the other hand, in kumite, two karatekas face each other in a kind of 8x8 tatami for 3 minutes. In each bout, points are awarded when an athlete's attack is successful and hits his opponent in a specific area. In other words, precision and effectiveness will be the key to winning medals.
  9. Skateboarding makes its debut at an Olympic event: Street sports will be present in the Japanese capital. Born in the most urban areas of the United States, this sport was created to replace the surfboard on land, in addition to having dyes related to fashion and rock music.
  11. The event will be held at the Aomi Urban Sports Venue Park in the Kyoto area, with Tokyo Bay in the background. The event will consist of two disciplines, Park and Street, with 80 competitors in total.
  13. All skaters will have to run 3 timed circuits with scores chosen based on speed, originality, difficulty, balance, eloquence and overall time of the exercise.
  15. The Skate Park is characterized by riding on a series of ramps and obstacles while the Street is a straight course that reproduces an urban environment with benches, walls, walls and boxes.
  17. Baseball and Softball regain their place at the Olympic games: The American sport par excellence returns to the Olympic competition since Beijing 2008. Fans and followers of this sport will once again enjoy the battle between pitcher and batter with highly accurate pitching.
  19. The baseball competition will take place at the extraordinary Yokohama Stadium where two teams of nine players will try to score the most runs by running around a given number of bases after hitting a ball with the bat.
  21. The two teams take turns defending and attacking in periods called innings. The only difference between this sport and softball is that the ball is larger, and the pitcher must hit the ball at an angle below the shoulder.

Which sports could be Olympic in the next Games?

These are some of the sports that could be included in an Olympic event in the coming years The Tokyo Olympic Games are about to begin after a year of waiting due to the pandemic that has punished the world society. In this Olympic games edition we will be able to enjoy 33 sports, 5 more than in the Rio 2016 edition, thanks to the inclusion of karate, surfing, climbing, baseball and skateboarding.

However, there are several sports that continue to deal with the IOC to become an Olympic discipline in the next Games held in Paris such as Padel, Squash, and others.

  2. Padel: Although it is true that this sport does not yet have the required federations to opt to be Olympic, its growth in recent years is unstoppable.
  4. The first steps have already been taken since this sport has been included in the European Games to be held in Poland in 2023 and has even enjoyed, just a few days ago, a kind of tournament between America and Europe where the best players in the world have gathered in this event.
  6. Although this sport is at the forefront in countries such as Argentina or Spain, its development continues and in Italy, Sweden, the United States or Denmark the number of federated players is increasing steadily.
  8. Chess, the most addictive mental sport: Although this sport does not require a very high physical effort, it is one of the disciplines with the largest number of federated countries.
  10. The FIDE (International Chess Federation) has been fighting for years to get it included in an Olympic event, considering that it is included since 1999 among the 69 sports officially recognized by the IOC and even in the Sydney 2000 Games a kind of exhibition match was played between Viswantham Anand and Alexey Shirov.
  12. Since then, chess has not achieved the recognition it deserves and continues to wait for an opportunity to access an Olympic event in an official way.
  14. Polo, disappeared since 1936: This sport has not been Olympic since 1936. In total, polo has been part of the Games on five occasions, the first being in 1900. The aim of this discipline is to reach the opponent's goal by moving a ball with a kind of sticker on the back of a horse.
  16. Squash wants another Olympic racquet sport: According to most of the criteria used by the IOC to measure which sports can become Olympic, squash more than meets all of them.
  18. Its history begins in 1830 when inmates in London's prisons played with balls by throwing them against the walls as a diversion from prison life. Squash has a truly global appeal: last year 47 countries hosted touring events, with players from 74 nations.
  20. There are 1.6 million U.S. players, and more than 20 million worldwide, according to US Squash. In addition, more than a million people watched the men's singles final at the last Commonwealth Games. It is only a matter of time before squash joins tennis as a racquet sport in Olympic competition.
  22. Snooker, a long life on the English table: Practiced on a table like a billiard table, snooker is a British game in which two opponents try to pocket 22 balls in the corners, called pockets. Each time a player has a turn to shoot, he must pocket one red ball and one colored ball, if there is another red ball on the table.
  24. When they are finished, they are obliged to pocket the balls in the corners in order of score. This sport, invented in the 19th century, has never been an Olympic sport, but it has been part of the Paralympic Games on four occasions.
  26. This derivative of billiards has accumulated thousands of followers all over the planet with excellent players such as Trump, Murphy or Robertson. The WCBS (World Confederation of Billiard Sports) has been trying for 40 years for this discipline to be included in the Games without much success.
  28. However, the problem lies in the fact that there are several billiards modalities and each one pushes towards its own field. We will see if in the future all categories decide to unite and fight for the same dream, to compete in the Games for the first time in history.

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