Why do athletes think the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games will be more special?

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Why do athletes think the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games will be more special?

Olympic games 2021: An event full of expectations and hope


Why is this event more special than other Olympic games edition?

Olympic games

After more than 18 months facing the pandemic and its challenges, some athletes of different countries have expressed how they feel about this Olympic games edition.

Athletes set to compete in this 2020 Summer Olympics have waited a year for the one-month countdown to the Opening Ceremony to begin. But far from letting this dampen their spirits, they are looking forward to Tokyo 2020 more than ever.

Here, we share with you some Olympic games athletes’ testimonies that will inspire you before watching Tokyo 2020.

  2. Ankita Raina, tennis, India
  3. For Ankita Raina, bronze medalist at the 2018 Asian Games, it will also be her first Games. She will make her debut on the Olympic tennis courts in Tokyo 2020. She said:
  5. "It is a dream come true. All of us athletes play and train every day looking for the Olympic dream and for me, now it's no longer a dream. It was a dream and now it's a reality. So, I'm definitely happy and looking forward to participating in the Olympic Games."
  7. Laura Gallagher, trampoline gymnastics, Great Britain
  8. You can see how much the sports come together and how people have missed them. Laura Gallagher quit gymnastics in 2016. She thought she wasn't as in love with the sport as she used to be... but she was wrong.
  10. She needed it back in her life, and her comeback has been a total success. She has qualified for Tokyo 2020 and wants to share her love for the sport with everyone.
  12. "I love being part of something so special this year. I think it's nice that it can all go ahead safely, because it will be a brilliant opportunity for us all to get reacquainted." "I think you can see everything that brings the sports together and how people have missed them. So no matter what they look like, they're definitely going to be special", she mentioned.
  14. Jessica Fox, slalom canoeing, Australia
  15. Two-time Olympic medalist and widely regarded as the best female canoeist in the world, Jessica Fox, talks about the importance of not taking anything for granted:
  17. "It's been a crazy 18 months and I think everyone will be happy to be there. I will be very happy to be there. And very grateful and privileged. I think nothing should be taken for granted, and to have the opportunity to represent Australia at my third Games is wonderful. So, yes, I'm really looking forward to it."
  19. Manpreet Singh, field hockey, India
  21. The Olympic games is the biggest stage for an athlete, and we are ready for the challenge in Tokyo. Manpreet Singh, captain of the Indian men's field hockey team, has been to two Olympic Games, but that doesn't mean the upcoming ones will be any less special for him. In fact, quite the opposite.
  23. "You can definitely feel the desire in the team. We've been working hard for the Olympic Games for the last five years, and now they're just a month away. All of us are giving our best during training. We must make sure we execute our plans for the Games well. The Olympics is the biggest stage for an athlete, and we are ready for the challenge in Tokyo."
  25. Keely Hodgkinson, athletics, Great Britain
  27. The Olympic Games will mean so much more to everyone when we are there. Great Britain track and field sensation Keely Hodgkinson, who will be fighting for a place in Tokyo at the British track and field championships this weekend, has not forgotten how tough the past year has been for athletes, nor the difficulties everyone has faced.
  29. "They will mean a lot, obviously, after all the training at home over the past year. People have suffered, and to me that's something I didn't like. So, I think the Games will mean a lot more to everybody when we are there, and when we put on the jersey as well."
  31. Rommel Pacheco, diving, Mexico
  33. It will surely be the dividing line to tell everyone that the world is fine and that we are united. Mexican diver Rommel Pacheco will dive into the water at his fourth Olympic Games. He spoke to Tokyo 2020 last year about his expectations for this summer.
  35. "I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the Olympic party. It will surely be the watershed to tell everyone that the world is fine and that we are united. This is something that sport can do."
  37. Ona Carbonell, artistic swimming, Spain
  39. It's an opportunity to try to make people who are watching the Olympics happy, or at least have a good time, to try, in some way, to take their minds off this terrible year. Ona Carbonell won two Olympic medals at London 2012.
  41. She also competed in Rio 2016 and will do the same in Tokyo 2020 with the Spanish artistic swimming team. These Olympic games will be even more special for her because they will be her first after giving birth to her son Kai in August 2020. But they will also be significant because they are unique in themselves.
  43. "I think Tokyo 2020 is an opportunity to try to try to make people who are watching the Olympic games happy or at least give them a good time, try to, in a way, take their mind off this terrible year. In a way we have that responsibility to try to make people enjoy, and more so in our sport, which is a subjective and artistic sport and touches people's hearts."
  45. Jeremy Flores, surfing, France
  47. Being part of this is something historic, especially because it's surfing's first time. For some, Tokyo is special because it will be the stage on which their sports will debut the Games. That's the case for Jeremy Flores, who will represent France in a new Olympic sport, surfing, after securing his ticket to Tokyo at the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games.
  49. "It's historic; a proud moment. When I grew up, I never dreamed of being in the Olympic games because surfing wasn't on the Olympic program. But I always watched them. I loved watching the Olympic games since I was a kid."
  51. "So, to be a part of this is kind of historic, especially because it's surfing's first time. It's like a proud moment for my family, for my little community in Reunion Island. Whenever there's an athlete going to the Games and coming from a small community, I think a super proud moment."
  53. Rodrigo Corrales, handball, Spain
  55. For other athletes, such as Rodrigo Corrales - goalkeeper for the Spanish men's handball team - these Games will be his first Olympic experience.
  57. "The Olympic Games is the dream of every athlete to be able to represent your country, to be able to live with so many stars of the sports world... It's a dream. I've never been, but people who have, say it's better than they've ever dreamed. How am I going to be?
  59. I'm really looking forward to it. As far as I'm concerned, they should be played tomorrow. In addition, they are in Tokyo, and I love Japan. I believe that it is a country that is going to embroider it, it is going to do it often, surely. I'm really looking forward to it, like a child".
  61. Carla Suarez Navarro, tennis, Spain
  63. After an eight-month battle with cancer, the Spanish tennis player is aiming to compete in her fourth Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  65. "The doctors recommended me to exercise, to do sports, but for me it wasn't the same if I didn't have a goal, because the way I was it was very easy to get carried away and not leave the house. And the fact of having Roland Garros or having the Olympics in mind as a goal has helped me a lot, much more than people can imagine.
  67. "Possibly, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be the most special, because I come from where I come from and I know it's going to be the last Games 100 percent."
  • LANG Ping, coach of the PRC women's volleyball team
  • It's going to be a big thing and it's going to mean a lot However, if you think the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are only important for the athletes, you are wrong. Coaches from different teams and sports have also expressed the significance of these Games.
  • Among them, LANG Ping, the coach of the women's volleyball team of the People's Republic of China.
  • "Every country is making great efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. If the Tokyo Games take place as scheduled, it will be something big and of enormous significance. It will be a good opportunity for all athletes and coaches to compete in the Games despite the great concerns about the coronavirus”, she said.

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